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POSPOLE - Fitting your needs

The new pole solution on the market.

Dear visitors,

welcome to our international website. Thank you for showing your interest in our products.

In the past there have only been a few mounting solutions for the point of sales market available. We’ve talked to many customers in order to find out what could be the ideal solution for them. It stood out that the most customers need basic and simple mounting solutions. Some of them told us, that a custom solution is required to fit their needs. The main problem is, that custom solutions normally are expensive or they have to commit a high order quantity to get them. Nevertheless all of them agreed that a solid quality has to be needed.

So we’ve asked ourselves: „What do we have to do to create a product that is strong on both economical- and quality aspect?“

We created the brand POSPOLE® to give people the association of having the best possible solutions on those above mentioned aspects. We already have a solid list of basic components that is still growing. Also, a lot of cash-terminals that are used at the checkout are already supported.
The feedback we already received from our customers gives us the confidence that there’s a market for our solutions.

If you like to get more information about us and our POSPOLE® products please feel free to contact us. I’m looking forward to answer your inquiries.

Kind regards

Valentin Schäfer - CEO

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