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2017 - POSPOLE International

Update after a long time.

2017 - POSPOLE and the international business

Dear visitors,

the year 2016 and the first part of 2017 was a amazing time for us. In our home country Germany, we did sell so many parts that our production was partly one month behind. We are happy about the business we already did in EU and international countries. The goal for this year is to find new partners and extend your business even further.

In the past half year we did focus on Germany and our structures. We think it is important to have a good product and management build up first before we sell to our customers. We deeply apologize for any extended delivery times we had in the past. Due to our expansion, the production output will we able to produce 200% compared to the current situation. Furthermore we did improvements to packing to make it fit our quality requirements. As you can see we continuously improve our business to meet the requirements of our customer.

After our marketing team finished the product list and the website, we will shift our focus on acquiring new markets. We are excited to meet new challenges and more partners to join our network. A special thanks to our customers and partners that are already selling your product by a day to day base. Without you our growth would be a lot slower, thank you!

Kind regards

Valentin Schäfer - CEO

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