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    POSPOLE Parts

    Simple. Combinable. Fast.

    Our system is designed to be versatile. For this reason, we do offer combinable parts that can be obtained separately. This is ideal for distributors and resellers.

    Take what you need – make it fit.

    POSPOLE Sets

    For projects and high demands.

    We can deliver complete sets with all parts you need in one box. This is optimal for big volumes or projects. Sets have a minimum order quantity. However, POSPOLE Parts can be packed on request.

    Do not stop with POS

    Your vision is our mission.

    The POS-Mounting solutions are our main business. This does not mean we stop there. We can also create custom cases, forklift tablet mounts or system housing, to name just a few. Send us your request today!

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  • About POSPOLE


    About our product.

    With POSPOLE® we provide a space-saving and combinable mounting system for hardware components. Our focus is on the specific requirements at the point of sale. We provide both default and custom solutions to our customers. The development of our solutions together with our customers provide a constantly improving quality. We design our products in Germany and produced in eastern europe. This enables us to have a fast reaction time while keeping a competitive price level. Finding that line between cost and a very good product is what makes us strong.

    Why choose us?

    Success will be our voice.

    Ther are many other solutions in the market, why should we choose POSPOLE®? To be a newcomer is always hard, we know that. However, we also know that an alternative is worth to compare. After only one year, we already achieved huge success in different EU markets. This shows us that we provide a value to our customers. Of cause, every company will tell you that their product is the best. We, on the other hand, will only promise what we can keep. And this is to create products and solutions that support your business the best possible way.

    The Founders

    Who are we? Where do we come from?

    POSPOLE GmbH was founded in 2016 by Valentin and Thomas Schäfer. With over 30 years of experience in point of sale business, Thomas provides a valuable knowledge base. By the age of 28 he has started his own business. Today this company called ADASYS GmbH, has over 35 coworkers and is part of one of the biggest POS-PC hardware manufacturers in the world. His son, Valentin was born in 1994. After finishing his education at SIEMENS as a technical system engineer, he joined the family business. He is owner and CEO of POSPOLE GmbH. Together, they combine experience with the view of a young generation.

  • Partner Network

    You can buy our products from local suppliers.

    Germany / Austria

    Max-Planck-Str. 10
    70806 Kornwestheim

    Phone: (+49)7154-8300-0
    E-Mail: info@adasys.de


    West International AB
    Kanalvägen 14 (2tr)
    19461 Upplands Väsby

    Phone: (+46) 8 506 684 00
    E-Mail: info@westint.se



    Postronic AB
    Ellipsvägen 5

    141 75 Kungens Kurva

    Phone: (+ 46) 8-50 10 84 00

    New Zealand

    Maverick Technology Distributors Ltd.
    Level 1. 110 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden
    1024 Auckland
    New Zealand

    Phone: (+64) 9 282 3127
    E-Mail: sales@mavericktechnology.co.nz

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